FAQ - Azimuth Check


Will the Quik-Pin display my Army skill badges in the right place?
Yes- the badges will be centered, 1/8 inch from the US Army nametape with 1/4 inch spacing between badges per the ACU ALARACT MSG DTG 202200 APR 05

Will the ACU Quik-Pin work for Class A, Class B or Dress Blue uniforms?
No!  The spacing is different for the dress uniforms ...Use the Universal plate for ANY uniform including Class B or Class A

Explain the acronyms on the plate:
"AASLT"- air assault, "ABN"- airborne (use this row of holes for senior and master parachutist as well), use "EIB","CIB" & "CAB" with paracutist badge-  use the "CIB-MSTR PARA", "CAB-MSTR" & "EIB-MSTR" holes with the senior or master parachutust badges- "CMB" is the combat medical badge-use the CAB holes for the CMB

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